Saturday, May 28

Girls Night Out

The fellas in our family had a Father & Sons campout last night.  So, us gals decided to have a girls night out.  Off we went to Savannah's favorite store...
 Savannah is just a few weeks away from having her youngest mare, Mississippi (aka Missi), old enough to have trained and she can start riding her.  So excited.  She needed to pick up a few things in anticipation of that fun event.
 Then, off to dinner.  Red Robin... yum.  Funny thing is that they are known for their gourmet burgers but Savannah's favorite thing to order is their chicken salad and I always order a wrap.  We're backwards girls :)
Brace yourselves, this is where we let loose and go stop...
 Yep, Savannah and I are total bookworms.  Truth is we could keep Barnes and Noble forever open with the books we would buy.  Key word here... would buy.  Truth is we just go in and spend hours perusing the selections, sometimes making a list of wanna reads, and then walk out empty handed.  We are library free check out girls at heart.  But it doesn't stop us from spending hours here, in the quiet, plopped in overstuffed chairs flipping pages.  And oh I love to gather up a whole armful of magazines to look through too. 
 By this time... oldest party gal, that would be me... is ready to head home and snuggle into bed and read myself to sleep in 2.7 seconds flat.  But party gal number 2 wants to snuggle in with a movie.  So again, sparing no expense, snicker, we head to a Red Box so she can grab a movie.
(ummm, ewwww... note to self, wash my windshield, or better yet, get one of my young sons to do it for me!)
Fun night.  I love having time just with Savannah and truth is, she has been giddy all week to hang with me too.  Love that!  We talked non-stop... farm, school, church, hair, trucks, college, boys, friends, big summer events, books... so thankful for my girl!

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