Thursday, May 26

Blessed Beyond Measure!

A few notes I don't want to forget about this photo session:
*  taken just weeks after terrible tornadoes ripped through Alabama.  The fact that several of our families' homes were hit but that we were all alive and well to gather for these photos,
*  rain filled weekend and original location was a 'wash' and yet Alisha regrouped and still made this photo session happen... so thankful!,
*  it literally did rain during the pictures but there were still giggles, silliness, and smiles!,
*  the patience of a photographer to 'herd' this many people as a whole, and individuals, for 3 hours and still be smiling at the end,
*  the sound of 18 cousins playing and just so excited to all be in one place,
*  watching older cousins play 'keep away' from the younger cousins... but there was no ball... so they used a pair of flipflops,
*  the astonishment that there is a lens capable of capturing 35 people at once, snicker.


woodsermom said...

This makes me so excited for about 20 years from now - when, Lord willing, all my brood can come together for something like this - just beautiful and so inspiring! Tell your momma this encouraged my soul today to keep on keepin' on!

Jessica said...

Your family is so cute! Each of your siblings have been a part of my life in some way. Love you!

Quincy Sorensen said...

Beautiful family!