Monday, May 16

Market Monday

This is Market Monday!  Each Monday I am going to post about items I have worked on the past week.  These items will enter my booth, aka 'market', this week and this is just a fun way to show you what's NEW.  So go to my Market site... here! 
 (rag flower lamp)
PS -  I want to take a quick moment to clarify a few things.  Shawn has linked my blog to his Facebook page.  I am 100% Facebook clueless... I know, I know... I am probably the last gal standing that is not on Facebook.  I fear I can not be trusted to tackle all that IS Facebook right now, one must know her weakness afterall, snicker.  So when you read my 'posts', it can be a tad confusing I understand because I am wording things in 'blog' speak not Facebook speak.

If you are at all interested in peeking in on my actual blogs from time to time to clarify any confusion in the 'blog to Facebook' translation... you can come take a looksy at the
family blog,,
OR my Market blog, 

And just one last note... if you comment on Facebook, Shawn always forwards those comments on to my email and I LOVE them... love, love, love them.  TRULY!  But I do not reply... again, because I am, for now, embracing my absolute cluelessness to all things Facebook.  Thanks!!

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Karen said... mom was fluent like Shawn. It didn't get passed down either. I love the PJ's at noon. Ahhh. Good times.