Monday, May 9

it's a bird... it's a plane... it's a love note?!?

 Ty has very passionate interests.  He is ever loyal to these interests.  He is not my child with passing interests... the things that he loved at 4years old, he still loves dearly at 9.  One of those things is making paper airplanes.  They are everywhere in my house... literally.  I don't even notice anymore the ones on my windowsills, the ones stuck in a chandelier, wedged on top of a curtain rod...!
 So for Mother's Day yesterday... I found tons of these airplanes all over the house.  The new spin on this passion of his was that each plane started out in the shape of a heart.  And each heart had a love note written on it... and then was folded up and flown into every nook and cranny for me to find and unfold.
 This boy sure loves his mom.  sigh.  He is such a wonderful blend of all things stubborn, shy, loving, and creative.  whew!
And so I must remember to not get so frustrated when signs of his interests lay all over my house... remembering my airplane love notes will help in that effort.  I would not be surprised if he starts spelling out love notes in leggos (passion #2) and baseball socks... cleats... balls... belt... pants... bag...(passion #3), in an attempt to curb my rantings about those items left all over my house too.  I just know I will miss all these things when he is grown and gone.  I will.  I love him!


Cari said...

I am PRAYING that Noah stays a momma's boy as long as Tyger has.

Quincy Sorensen said...

I think I'll have a heart attack when Isaac grows up to do something that sweet. Pitter pat. What a sweet boy.