Sunday, May 15

Shades of Green

I showed great patience... waited to see what would come back in the pots on my front porch.  And then I went shopping, oh happy day!
 My hostas, solomons seal, and 'wanna be' topiary bush thingy (that's its technical name of course) all came back lush and fabulous.
 I'm quite predictable year to year on what I get to fill the other pots.  I love doing tropicals on the porch.  They are happy with the heat and thrive not being in the direct sun.  I can even go weeks without watering and they still look great!
 This year I did a black mondo grass for texture and color and my ever faithful ferns.
 Am I total weirdo in thinking that old, dirty, crusty, pots... even if empty... are gorgeous?  I just stack them up and display them like fine art, snicker. 
 Solomons seal has my forever loyalty.  It comes back in pots and my window boxes.  I have it planted in a bed at the front of the farm too.  It is so impressive and gets the sweetest white blooms in early spring that actually dangle like little bells on the underside of the stems. 
 The variegated leaves make me swoon.  I'm all about foliage...
The views from our front porch draw me here at least once a day to sit.  My favorite time to sit here is actually when it is raining... with a book in my lap... so content.


mom2eight said...

not bad for a girl who didn't like anything to do with the yard or plants in her younger days. It comes out in the genes. You have definitly developed that talent far beyond the source. Love the porch.

kg said...

loooooove this post!!!!