Thursday, February 26


A couple months ago we had a big visitor. He is a full size Beagle, I think purebread... assumed at the time that he was someone's hunting dog. But he has no collar or tag. He just hung around our property and kept a very safe distance and eventually disappeared.

Now he's back again. He is so incredibly gorgeous. He hangs out well with our other two dogs and other than stealing a shoe here and there, we love having him around. Not sure how long he will hang out this time but the kids decided he needed a name. We read a book together this school year called 'Shiloh', about a hunting beagle. So he has a name and we secretly hope he finds our family worth hanging out with for a long time. He sleeps just off our back porch and his bark is quite comforting at night with that low hound dog gruffle. I don't think anything would mess with him. None of us have actually got to pet Shiloh. He stands one arm length away always... but maybe eventually he will trust us.

And this is why we are probably so fond of Shiloh. This is OUR beagle, Bella. She is a much smaller version and we have had her for several years. She is technically Savannah's dog but we all are completely in love with her. Isn't she adorable?! She can be quite the diva but a keeper nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

Y'all are some serious animal lovers! :) Those are some cutie dogs! My cousin had a beagle and it was such a great dog for them!

Cari said...

As if you don't have enough animals! Ha!