Saturday, February 28

I will not be bullied!

I am in the final stages of my blog book, preparing to send it to print. I keep telling my family that I am about to be published... doesn't that sound more prestigious? And around midnight I met an awful, mean-spirited dictator!!! That dictator goes by the name of Spell Check!
It didn't like any names, and it surely didn't like my Southern way of saying things. And though this grouchy spell check had no sense of humor, I found myself laughing out loud at the suggestions it made for my words it hated.
I noticed that I tend to make nonexistent compound words. Reality hit that technically I have been misspelling words for a very long time simply because I squeeze the two words together illegally!! Case in point... I always thought it was babysitter. But as the nasty spell check quickly pointed out... that technically is not in the dictionary. But I got so very tickled when it suggested I replace 'babysitter' with 'bobbysoxer'. Now that's just SILLY!!!

So the following words used daily in my vocabulary, therefore presenting themselves often in my journaling are:

farmgal, ick, thingey, eeeaahhhhh,
gonna, fellas, tahdah, eieiooooo, lovins, gotta,
yummies, cutie, patootie, yucka, preggers, pineycone,
itty, bitty, teensybit,
fixin, drat, yikes, hardyharhar, pjs,
yep, yahoooo, mam, looksy, wanna, toesies, oooops... and many many more!

But I trudged through that mean ole spell check, and I stood my ground and ignored it half the time. I was afraid I would wake up this morning feeling absolutely compelled to correct everything anyway... but nope! I'm just fine! And I hope to have my book officially sent off to publish by rainy days end!


PS - on a much more important note.... my gorgeous daughter is attending her very first Youth Dance tonight! And her only thoughts on this exciting event... "I sure hope my Uncle Nate doesn't embarrass me too bad."
I don't think she is overly optimistic about it though!


Beth said...

Jarom and I will be there to hopefully keep Nate under control! ;) You are inspiring me to do my blog book! Did you do it a year at a time or just up until now?

Cari said...

I can't wait to see it.

You just go ahead and work out all the kinks and let me know of the pitfalls to avoid!

Quincy Sorensen said...

I am laughing about the Nate part. I hope she had a fantastic time.

karen said...

You will love your book. It is so fun and mine will be sooo much better next year thanks to all the mistakes I learned. Congrats on being published.

Debbie said...

I'm glad you didn't give in to the spell check... for something like this, you gotta keep the slang in there. It shows your personality!!

and from what I hear, Savannah didn't get her wish about Nate not embarrassing her too much.. haha... hope she had fun anyway!

Cinnamon said...

Hi Dawn. I am stalking. I was at the dance and Nate did a fine job humiliating sweet Savannah. Got everyone's attention and proceeded to introduce the little darling...announcing that it was her first dance. Then the big lug went around to MANY ym and pointed her out. She danced many slow songs and looked MARVELOUS!! What a GREAT UNCLE!!