Sunday, October 23

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday... I woke up with the knowledge that everything on the 'to do' list involved family, and I sure liked that!  Selfish?  Maybe.  Needed?  Yes... time well spent and not a second regretted.

Yesterday... Shawn and I took Ty to an exotic animal drive-through zoo down the road.  It was a blast.  We had a stalker emu follow us through the entire park.  The zebra kept licking Shawn's car window.  The yak rubbed his nose all over Shawn's window.  I forgot the camera, classic.  I wanted to take home a little spotted deer.  Ty loved the 14' snake in the reptile house.  The llamas had us all thinking of 'The Emperor's New Groove". 

Yesterday...  Shawn found me a new... acutally NEW to me... car.  Yippee!

Yesterday... I worked on a few items for my Holiday Open House Booth.  I am way behind schedule.  Such is my life right now.  And the knowledge of 'way behindness' did not deter me from sitting down and having lunch with my sweetheart or helping my daughter pick an outfit for her dance, etc,... so the schedule is just going to have to wait.

Yesterday... Shawn moved 8 hydrangea bushes for me for my belated Mother's Day gift.  Snort.  To his defense, I asked for this huge task to be done as my MD gift and then we got so crazy busy  that it got too late to safely transplant... so he completed the task a few months late.  And when done, he busted into the house shouting 'Happy Mother's Day'... and for the 117th millionth time since I've known and loved him... I thought, He is so darn cute!

Yesterday... Savannah and Christian visited a friend that had surgery, went to lunch with each other, and went to a Youth Dance.  I like that they have always been such good friends. 

Last night... Shawn, Ty, and I went to Party City to find some face paint for his Halloween Costume.  We went out to eat at LongHorn Steak House.  We grabbed groceries for Sunday dinner and headed back home.

Last night... Shawn and Ty hung out together while I snuggled in bed.  But the truth is that I couldn't fall asleep, so I was awake when Savannah and Christian returned from the dance.  They both had a blast!  I love that my kids have fun at these Youth Activities.  I would be so sad if they found fault or drama instead of simple enjoyment.  I pray my kids will always see the efforts others make on their behalves and never need to be 'entertained'. 

Today... is Sunday.  We have our annual Primary Program during Sacrament Meeting.  Our Nursery children have been invited to sing a song for the Program.  I should be nervous.  Cause at the ages of 18months through 3years old... there is no way to know who, if any, will want to participate when the time comes.  But I can't keep thinking that at this age, whether 18 or 2 participate, all they have to do is just stand there and they are cute.  So whether it is just me and my assistants singing or whether a few or more kiddos actually sing along... all will be well, SNICKER!

Today... we are having 'Papa' beans.  While I grew up, we had a huge pot of pinto beans for dinner on a regular bases.  It was cheap and we all loved it!  My dad would often smash his beans and add a dab of butter.  I later found out, that he was in essence making refried beans.  Our kids love when I make beans and they smash them like dad always did and they call them 'Papa beans'.  And to go along with the beans we will have tacos (my sil Alisha's way) and chips with queso.  Yum. 

Today... I will follow my lead from yesterday.  Focus on today.  Do not think of the trillion gazillion things that are on the LIST for next week.  Nope.  Just Today.  Digging in my heels, flipping my stubborn switch, and living today!


danakat said...

This post... *LUV*!

The Haynies 8 said...

Love it!! I can relate to the nursery. Sometimes my darlings sing and sometimes they don't. That's what makes being in nursery the BEST!!