Monday, October 24

Market Monday... the p.m. addition

Well, it is almost 10pm but still officially Monday, right?  I will be moving into my new larger booth THIS Friday, so excited... or at least I will be excited once all the work is done.
I posted some sneak peak pics over on my Market Blog if you want to go over and take a look.  Be sure and mark your calendar for
Packard's Holiday Open House on November 11th & 12th.
I'll post next week with pics of my new LARGER space and plan to give more sneak peaks leading up to the Open House.  Have a great week!!

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Marci said...

my dear farm girl friend...
i am starting a new blog to shout from the rooftops about all of those creative people out there who inspire me. guess what?? i would really like to interview you! will you email me so i can email you back? i can't figure out my mac mail or i would just try and do it from your profile. it's
thank you!!