Sunday, October 30

Halloween Fun

Our week began with pumpkin guts shed all over our kitchen table.
 Let the carving marathon begin.  I call it a marathon because a quick Jack-O-Lantern face just does not cut it any more in this house.  So that equals frustration, whimpers, toothpicks to repair any miscuts... hours later, the arteeeeests deem them finished and I finally get to take a picture of them lit on the porch.
 Ty's Bat
 Christian's Vampire
 Savannah's Wolf

On Wednesday night, our Ward joined with Winchester Ward to throw a Trunk or Treat.  So the kids got to dress up for the first time in the week. 
On Friday, the Mayfield Clan had a Cousins Halloween Party.  The Mayfield moms used to do Halloween parties for the kids in the past, but THIS year was different.  The 'older' cousins got together months ago for a 'planning meeting'.  It had been decided that they would throw a Halloween Carnival for the younger cousins.  Brilliant!  The older cousins planned little activities like 'pin the leg on the spider' and 'fishing pond' and decorating sugar cookies, etc.  They also planned dinner for the whole family.  Whew!  Big undertaking and it was a big success.  I was totally touched by the older cousins being willing to plan this whole night for their younger cousins.  The older cousins all dressed up as Alice in Wonderland characters.  Savannah was Alice, Christian was Mad Hatter, there was a Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum, Cheshire Cat, and the Red Queen.
Ty (still in the younger cousin ranking) went as a Jawa from Star Wars.
 Here they are... ready for a night with family. 
I injured my back earlier in the day so I did not make it to the festivities, and did not get to photograph all the fun ;(.  My sweetheart stayed home with me and provided dinner and a movie. Having a daughter that can drive now is sure a perk, grin. 

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Karen said...

Oh my. Sending the kids out. I am loving that idea. Love your Halloween fun and hope your back is better.