Sunday, October 9


Yesterday was such a wonderful day:

... my youngest son was joined at my hip... which is saying a lot since we homeschool all through the week and sometimes by the weekend he keeps his distance from me, grin;

... i thought on many, many occasions throughout the day, "oooh, how much i love my husband!";

... our daughter chose to spend from 9am to 5pm (on a Saturday) at a special meeting at church, and then went on and on and on about how grateful she was that she went... lots learned and testimony strengthened;

... shawn, christian, ty, and I went to friends' property and with many others, helped them winterize since they have had a recent health emergency and could not do if for themselves;

... shawn worked several hours on my studio, which made his wife love him so much!;

... our family all met at casablanca for dinner, it had been too long since we had mexican.  we laughed, and talked, and shared our day with each other;

... after dinner we discussed our fast for today, deciding on a purpose;

... shawn and the boys went over to dad's to watch the au game but ended up watching the ne game and I hear the second choice of game viewing ended better;

... savannah went on to babysit for two of her favorite kiddos;

... i went home to a blissfully quiet home, read, 'surfed', and went to bed early...aaaaaah.

I often climb into bed and 'replay' the day just lived.  I want to have a BIG item to recall as completed or conquered.  I want a huge bright spot to stand out and make me content with my time spent that day.  But last night I realized, after reading this quote... it is the little things, the time spent in good endeavors, the ordinary moments used in service and with family that I need to focus on!  Successful Ordinary Day!

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Karen said...

Totally love this post. It's a true principle.