Friday, October 7

Noah and Eden

Noah and Eden spent the day on the farm today.
There was very serious games of Sonic the Hedgehog played...
 and not so serious, snicker.
 We did the necessary trek to the barn, there are chores to be done... and if you want to visit the farm then ya gotta carry your own weight ;)
 Notice Ty's clever solution to getting them to follow him... bag of Cheetos.  Brilliant.  Noah and Eden know to look for two very important things and avoid them at all costs... big piles of poo and fire ants.
 I don't think I ever showed anymore photos of the baby donkey, Romeo.
 Romeo was both terrified yet curious of the two new noise makers.
 And when I say noisemakers... here they are in very loud form!  Never mind that I plan on asking Shawn to recycle this tin roof for coverage at the shed for firewood.  Ummm, a few footprint dents shouldn't hurt.
 Two facts about Ty... he rarely wears shoes, and if there is a tree nearby... he feels the need to climb it.
 Eden asked Uncle Shawn to lift her up, then immediately bossed him and said, 'move yours hands!'  And proceeded to hang for quite a long time all by herself.  I think by that smirk she is quite impressed with herself.
 Well, Noah didn't tell Uncle Shawn to 'move his hands' and was NOT happy about hanging alone.  Look of fear!
 While the littles were swinging/hanging from trees and making tons of rackit... Savannah was saddling up Missi.  Isn't Missi gorgeous?!
 Giddy up cowgirl!
 Not to be shown up by little sis...
 Now comes the part where these raggamuffins earn their keep, aka juice and cheetos!
 OK, Eden... turn on the spigot.  You need to fill up the whole water trough!
 Ummmm, I may have failed to mention that the water actually has to be aimed INSIDE of the trough to filler 'er up.  And seems there was a very dirty leaf that Noah was sure needed a good washing.  Priorities!
 Aunt Disclaimer... I told them not to drink from the hose.  I did.
 This is how things go every time Eden comes to the farm:  she is sure every animal secretly wants to eat her whole;  she wants to pet them all so bad but because she knows of the secret plot to eat her for dinner she keeps her distance;  but the longer she stays, she realizes that the urge to squeeze them and kiss them is stronger that the fear of being eaten alive.
Eden dear... I think this embrace is technically called a strangle hold.  This may be the reason little kitty bolted as soon as he had the chance.  Just sayin'.

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