Tuesday, December 1

Feelings of Gratitude

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Our sil, Alisha, was delirious gracious enough to ,once again, invite 40+ friends and family over for great food, socializing, kids running amuck, football watching, and the ever present food comas.  We love it!

Ty made this Turkey in art class.  He was to make it out of found objects.  The noodle eyes crack me up.

I have found myself having incredible crushes on my hubby lately :).  Just adore my guy!  I wanted to take a moment and list some of the things I am thankful for about him... this is by no means an exhaustive list, but what has been on my mind most recently...

Thankful Shawn is:

- a neat freak,
- addicted to checking phone messages, because I never check them,
- loves dentistry and is such a great dr.
- never grouchy unless he is hungry or tired,
- a lover of little children, comes in handy with so many nieces and nephews,
- so protective of me, but I wish he would let me have my own chainsaw,
- a fun dad,
- easily readable... laughs out loud, shows emotion when touched by the Spirit, etc,
- the kids homeschool math teacher, wink,
- an outdoorsman,
- extremely outgoing,
- a geek and jock all rolled in one,
- so handsome, love his freckles, love that he can look neat even when covered in head to toe mud,
- incapable of laziness,
- crazy about his little girl and thinks it is cool that she is a tomboy,
- in awe of Christian's creativity and the many ways our oldest son is the polar opposite of him,
- able to see himself in Ty

AND the #1 thing I am most thankful for about Shawn is that he knows my faults better than anyone else and chooses to love me anyway!!!


The Happy Haynie Family said...

So sweet...you must love him also!
I kinda like my guy too!

Debbie said...

Love it!