Saturday, December 12

I {heart} silhouettes

I knew I wanted to include a silhouette in my Christmas Decor this year.

And here he is!!
I wrapped a canvas with green linen and then painted this fella... off to bed so the 3 Wise Men can arrive.

Had to have these skis... a wink to my Utah boy.


I still, several years later, love my 'berqerk' tree.  This year the only adornments are German Stars.

 I hope to one year have bagillions of these stars to cover a huge tree.  They are made of quilling paper and spin and twirl with the slightest breeze, gorgeous.  It takes me forever to make just one, I'm no star making wiz, for sure!

I'm thrilled with my candlesticks.

I got each one at different times, for cheap CHEAP!  Some are metal, some wood, all originally different colors and metallics.
No problem though...
I just spray painted them all a deep dark brown and they are amazing.
I spent a total of $23 for all of these candlsticks!


My family room is ready for merry making.
I have the twig wreaths on all my windows in this room and the kitchen.

Coming up next,
photos of the classroom, it is no longer the official... 'junk room', it actually functions now, whoohoo!


Jessica said...

wow. Please come decorate our home:) you are too talented

Lisha said...

That silhouette is amazing! And, seriously, can you begin shopping for me?!! I can afford $23!

MrsMama said...

How beautiful! I love the simplicity of it. And those skies are Very Cool.

Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us.

kg said... your decor!!

Beth said...

CUTE! Love it all.