Thursday, December 31

Blessings, Motto, & Mission Statement

2009 has been a year of incredible blessings for our family.
It is not surprising that when we reflected back on the past year, many of our disappointments or heartbreaks were not even remembered until well after we had listed out our abundance and many joys.

And when the blessings were listed,
a precious little 7 year old girl in Honduras,
took the top spot.

For 2009 (and for as many more years as she needs us) we sponsored Heidy and have been able to help her receive the schooling and medical help she could not afford herself.

For me personally, she quickly became my most important resolution for the year.
I pray for her, her 2 sisters, and her mom daily.

We have sent Heidy many pictures of our family, farm, and lots of silly stuff.
In return, Heidy and her family have poured upon us photos, tons of letters, and artwork.

Heidy sent me this coloring after I told her that I love to take photos (amatuer, of course).

Heidy is still learning how to write, so she dictates what she wants to say to her mom, and she writes it for us.
Ty has become an excellent pen pal to Heidy.
He rivals the number of letters I write her.

We keep all our drawings, artwork, pictures, and letters in our 'Heidy' album in the classroom.
We have set a goal to visit Heidy and her family in a few years,
hopefully for Savannah's Senior trip... before she goes off to college.

On to other Resolution News:

For the first time, our family is doing joint resolutions.
There are 3 daily steps to our resolutions and they were inspired by Sister Dalton, General YoungWomen President, during a SouthEast area fireside given to the Youth of the church.
Some of these goals are already being done by several family members, but the 3 resolutions being done daily by all 5 of us should prove to be a powerful experience!

Read the Book of Mormon at least 10 minutes a day.
Pray to our Heavenly Father personally, both morning and night, each day.
Smile! Every day!
In D&C 11:13, we learn that 'joy' is an indicator of the Spirit.
By February 2010 (Ty's 8th birthday), every member of our blessed family will have the
Gift of the Holy Ghost,
this blessing is tremendous!
This will help us to daily SHOW that joy we feel from the Spirit's constant companionship.

There is also a {4}th resolution
Sister Dalton specifically challenged all Adults, Parents, & Leaders:
to not allow one day of 2010 to pass without giving a verbal compliment to a young person...
 Shawn and I have accepted this 4th challenge also!

Callahan Family Motto
We wanted a formal family motto, a word or phase that we could use to remind us and refocus our daily efforts to come unto Christ.

We wanted a gauge to measure all efforts with.
A standard to evaluate activities, words, thoughts, time spent... 
the Good, Better, Best rule of measure.

 This motto eluded us for quite some time,
Shawn was the one to finally receive this beautiful tidbit of inspiration for us!

4 simple words, words that happen to be in my favorite Christmas song, 
words that perfectly express the precious truth of what we know and celebrate of our Savior's birth, life, death, and resurrection...

So to honor Him

respect and esteem shown to another.  the recognition of ones's right to great respect. accompanying praise: REVERENCE.  profound respect mingled with love, devotion, and awe. PURITY.  to live up to.  INTEGRITY. untarnished reputation.  to guide by a high sense of duty.  distinction.

And so we have our Family Motto and in that a beautiful Mission Statement also:

exactly as the small boy did in this precious Christmas Carol, 
we will give all that we have; 
talents, time, ourselves...
to Him,
and in so doing, we will honor Him.  

Happy New Year!


B said...

I might need to print out parts of this post and stick them on my mirror and on my kitchen cupboard. You, my friend, are inspiring.
Happy New Year!!!

danakat said...

Uh...the last comment was from me. I didn't know B didn't log out last night. Oops.

Quincy Sorensen said...

I love your family motto.