Sunday, November 15

Day of Rest?

Anyone that knows me... knows I LOVE Sundays!

But today was crazy, hectic, upside down day for me.

As a Relief Society Presidency we have lots of kiddos that intermingle at weekly Presidency meetings, which is usually fantastic... but we have managed to cross-contaminate each other recently.
So I was the lone Pres. member standing this morning... not that I didn't have sick kiddos, Savannah has the flu and Christian has yet another plague of poison ivy, but at least my kiddos were old enough to be left at home.
Off to church I go, with Ty in tow!
Thankfully my sister, Misty, is our new Secretary so my sanity did manage to hang on by a thread, but hanging on is a blessing some days.

I rushed home after church to start supper, so we could all sit down and eat fast, fast, fast.  We had hometeachers, which we adore, coming.
Then Shawn had to leave again for Bishop's Youth Discussion, minus our normal attendees of Christian and Savannah.

So I finally exhale once Shawn leaves and think my day is finally going to wind down.
But seems Christian was BEYOND bored after being home all day... him and Ty pestered each other terribly... known side effect of said pestering is their mommy is a total grouch.
So I ordered them to come kiss me goodnight and!!!!


Sweet, pityful daughter is medicated and sleeping soundly,
Sons are probably not asleep but are in their separate rooms and not making a peep,
Hubby is home from his meeting, safe and sound...
And I have a quiet, peaceful Sunday... it only took till 9:58pm for me to achieve it.

I heard the following quote and want to record it because it rang so very true for me today, with my church calling, kiddos, and millions of to dos:

Mothers have the uncanny ability to derail a train of thought in a heartbeat,
jump to another track,
and run on it... with all engines smoking.

Does that sound familiar to any one else?


danakat said...

Your posts are always what I need. Glad you got your "Sunday". And I'll be praying all the sickies leave you guys alone for a good long while.

Kim Mayfield said...

Hope everyone feels better soon!

Lisha said...

I know the feeling! :)

The Happy Haynie Family said...

ChoooChooo! That's how it is around here!!

Debbie said...

Totally understand. I always ask myself WHY do I stay up so late?? Because it's not until after the kiddos are asleep that I can enjoy some peace and quiet!