Sunday, December 13

Christmas Decor Tour Continues

A little back info...
There were 2 things I knew the moment I saw our houseplan, 12 years ago:
1.  The formal dining room on the plan, would actually be a TV room, cause we aren't the formal dining room type of family, &
2.  The study, aka classroom, would be the room we would gather in on Christmas Eve to read from the Bible and make s'mores in the real fireplace, then gather again on Christmas Morning next to the fire to open presents.
YEP, I visualized this room all those years ago... where the tree would go, etc!

And so here we are, 2 years after the build out... and the classroom is no longer the junk room.
It actually has office furniture and chairs, I will give the tour of the new decor after the first of next year when all the little touches are complete.

For now, here are photos (many photos, please forgive) of my dreams come true!

Year round, the mantle will have a 'time' theme.  I love clocks and hourglasses, etc, so this clock face is a permanent feature but I think it looks great with the Holiday pieces too.

I just can't contain my giggles over our new 'stockings'.
This is actually the second attempt at this cuteness.
The first buckets I used burlap, love burlap, but it taunts me... I find it so hard to craft with, instead I just wrapped a bundle of it around the base of the tree as my tree skirt.
So this second attempt I used linen (massive addiction of mine) and I painted the names on the linen using my favorite font.
Ahhhhh, that was the look I wanted!!

I found the perfect PRELIT skinny tree for this corner.
I did not have a 'jiblet' tree last year.
I missed our Jiblet tree, you know... the tree that is dripping with every ornament you have ever owned as a family.  The macaroni reindeer, the handprint snowmen, the beaded candycanes.
I will never, ever, ever, shun the jiblet tree again.
PS - I must add that I placed our garland (my favorite made by my mom) and the star on top...
then turned the tree over to the kids and they placed every last ornament.
I wept, they did it beautifully, truly... I have not moved a thing!!

I must document our newest addition of ornaments this year,
a cow, sheep, and pigs.
Funny thing is , we don't own a cow, sheep, or pig... but I could not find a horse, donkey, chicken or goat at the 50% off ornament sale at Hobby Lobby.
Farm Animals nonetheless, snort!

And last but not least,
my favorite view...
our Jiblet tree lit up at night.

Bear with me, only one last post upcoming on the Christmas Decor Tour...
the front porch and the entry.


Beth said...

I love it all! I can't wait until we have a bigger house so I can have room to decorate. Hopefully next year!!! Our tree is shoved in a corner because it's either there or not at all. :(

kg said...

Oh, I love this room! I can't stop staring at your large clock too! Really, Southern Living would be honored to come tour your home...

Mike and Carrie said...

It's Beautiful! What a talented southern gal!

Stefanie H said...

So can i hire you to come decorate my house haha :) i LOVE ur posts on ur house, they so inspire me!

Sharon said...

It all looks beautiful! I love the buckets. I love your last post on your decor. The silhouette is gorgeous! You have such a great talent here my friend.

Debbie said...

LOVE it!! I really like the "stockings" and the trees on the mantle. It all looks beautiful!