Tuesday, December 15


You've made it to the end, congratulations... snicker!
Thank you for your patience while I have documented our 2009 Christmas goodies.
I love to include these in my annual blog book, fun to look back on the way my decor evolves.

Last year we started a new tradition of getting a live tree for the entry.
Frasier Firs are my fave, love everything about them!
My sisters, sils, and I decorated a tree for our Stake Christmas Festival this year, we were asked to do a 'nature theme'.
I had already decided to do this entry tree nature inspired, so now that the festival is over, I have regained those items and this tree is finally done.

 My tree stand is a BEAST, so I came up with this idea... I put the stand and all into this huge bucket.
I love the fact that the tree is lifted higher off the ground, and easier to refill stand with water too!
A few of my new favorite ornaments.

 Savannah has several nests that she has found around our property, I just had to include them.
She contemplated making me sign a waiver to use them, but she decided to bite her lip and trust me, thata girl!


I love poinsettas, they are so Dramatic!
This bright green could not make me happier, truly!

And these fellas have resided on my front porch every Christmas since I made them several years ago.

dOne, DonE, doNe... whew!


kg said...

I've been waiting for this post....and I love the 'natural' tree! Also, I was trying to get a closer look at those two prints you have next to it...the silhouette of the tree and what's the other one? Love all the greenery on the porch and that root/piece of wood!! I am so looking forward to coming out and photographing your property...

shari said...