Thursday, January 7

My love

I awoke this morning to these lovely flowers.

Next to them, a white envelope addressed:
"to my Bride"

And a card, which read:

I just wanted to say good morning, my love,
and let you know
I have a feeling that it's going to be
a wonderful day!
In fact, any day that begins with you
always seems to turn out great.
It's true that we can't be together every moment,
but when we aren't,
no matter what I'm doing,
happy thoughts keep me company...
thoughts of love... thoughts of you.
Remembering all the special times we've shared
can put me in an "everything's right"
kind of mood
that lasts all day long.
And thats why
I just wanted to say
good morning, I love you,
have a wonderful day.
I know I will.
I always do - 
because of you!

I love my groom!
To this day... he takes my breath away!

And why today?  Any special reason?  Anniversary?
He simply said he had been thinking of me a lot this week...