Tuesday, January 19


Meet Savannah's birthday present.

Poor, pityful, bundle of fur...
Cooper would have you believe that he was abandoned, left all alone to fend for himself,
in the back of the cold, lonely, truck.
Stuck in a truck, how truly sad.

But the real story would be...
he already has us wrapped around his precious little border collie paws.
And we simply put him here to make sure he was safe.
Whilst we hoisted the worlds largest armoire up through a second story balcony (prior post).

So... see?
No need to whimper and cry so convincingly Cooper.
You were rescued eventually.
And I'm sure all the neighbors within a 10 mile radius were glad we finally saved you from the mean ole truck,
for all the ruckus you raised!


Jenni said...

SO cute! I'm sure he'll be a great addition to the farm! Congrat Savannah and Happy Birthday!

MrsMama said...

Oh my gosh! That is the cutest little guy ever. I think he'll fit in really well at your house.

Happy Bday Savannah. Give that pup a kiss for me! :)

karen said...

Exactly how many animals do you have? And how many have names?

Cari said...

Noah is still talking about 'doggy'.

danakat said...

What a cute addition to your family! We have two and the kids still think we need another. Only problem is...we have a house, not a farm.
Here's an idea...interested in 3 more kids? They come with dogs. :)

Beth said...


Lisha said...

So sweet, but does this mean no sign of Bella? I love the name!

Debbie said...

what a cutie! and i'm starting to see a trend... Cooper is a boy name that I really like.. I guess we'll just keep naming our kids after your dogs ;-)

Lisha said...

oh! So cute! i can't wait to see him and Winnie has a new friend. carden

Kelli said...

So, I meant to comment on this WEEKS ago, but after seeing this cute puppy I asked Tyler if I could get one. He said yes, after I said that the puppy I got would live with and be taken care of by you and Savannah. What do you think?