Monday, January 18

OH dear... I just can't watch

Back in 2002, we were living in our first home and I needed a large armoire for our master bedroom to hold our TV and tons of extra storage items.
I found the perfect 'beast' at an antique store.
It measured over 5 feet wide and over 7 feet tall... I knew my only obstacle was whether it would fit up our staircase... I didn't dream what an obstacle it truly would be.

We opted to pay for movers to transport the armoire to our house and then manuever it upstairs.
Getting it to our home, no problem.  Getting it upstairs, HUGE problem.
The movers actually refused to attempt it.
Knowing we could not get a refund, we sent the movers on their merry little way and fretted over what we would do with this beast.
Shawn removed the top moulding, which is nearly 8" on its own, and also removed the doors... removing tons of weight.
Then we did what any Mayfield in this position does... calls in the brothers to help!
It was a monumental effort of positioning and hours later, the armoire was in our bedroom.
Several years later when we were moving to the farm, the process was reversed and my brothers claimed they would NEVER, EVER move the beast again.

So this brings us to now.
I have had this beloved armoire sitting in storage, and now in the bottom of our Carriage House for almost 4 years.
We needed it upstairs in the future B&B.
I even had a niche built for this armoire, I love it and want it up there so bad.
Fact was that I truly feared that it could not make it up the turn of the stairwell... de ja vue!

So I went to Shawn with my Plan B.
We knew it would fit through the double french doors... but how in the world were we to hoist it up there.
We had a time crunch... the faux balcony was going to be installed later this week, and if were to get the armoire through the french doors... we had to do it NOW!
I told Shawn that I thought we could rent a 'lift' from a rental company... he ran with it.

 Nothing fancy about this lift.
It actually has to be maneuvered by a hand crank, whew.

 Shawn, Savannah, and Christian methodically thought this through and slowly attempted this massive hoist.
Where was I?
Trembling in the house.
The fact was, once this process began... I got really, really, scared!
I didn't even care at that point if the armoire came crashing down from that thing...
I feared I had put my sweetheart and babes in terrible danger.
Shawn said it went smooth as buttah!
No hiccups, smooth planning, slow movements.

 Watch out kitty... it isn't a sure thing YET!!!
 Finally, it was IN!
Christian ran to get me, I seriously was in the house refusing to look out back even once.
It all went well, and fast!
My heros!

Now I have some serious sanding and refinishing to do on this beauty.
I can't wait to see it painted and reassembled... have waited 4 years for this day.
I will be back to show you the final result.


danakat said...

I can't wait to see it either! Visions of fabulous dance in my head.
Love the ginormity of it! My girls want to come play "Chronicles of Narnia" in it. :)

Cari said...

I was on the edge of my seat during this post. SooOOOoO glad all went smoothly. Sigh of relief.

Quincy Sorensen said...

I'm with Cari. It was fantastic to get the blow by blow.

Lisha said...

I think I would have been inside,too, maybe even curled up in bed under my covers. I never thought of painting it, can't wait to see the finished results, it's sure to be stunning. I still remember looking at this armoire in Hartlex, imagining it in my home, I was so envious when you got it! :) Glad I love you so I wouldn't have to figure out a way to get it from you... haha.

Debbie said...

whew... thank goodness for that lift!