Monday, January 11

Not rain, or sleet, nor falling snow...

Not even a double ear infection and blown eardrum,
{which our doctor said was the worse case she has ever seen!!}
and definitely not a scolding mom...
can keep Savannah away from her animals and the great outdoors.   
We had miserable temperatures and 2 days of snow last week.
I had to insist on Savannah packing her ears with cotton balls and wearing heavy duty earmuffs,
cause that girl is an outside gal no matter the weather or temps OR current illness.

And so I surrender, and tell her to go on out and get her fix of farm surroundings...
and that rebel took her camera and leisurely strolled around, taking pictures,
gorgeous shots YES, but she seemed to conveniently forget about those ears of hers!
Those ears that were so awful our doctor shuttered at the site of them, those ears that mocked the first round of antibiotics... and demanded the BIG HONKIN' antibiotics!

And yet she came back in, after over an hour of freedom,
gleefully showing me her 'captured' gorgeousness.
Rolling her eyes at me because I tisked her!
No respect I tell ya!


MrsMama said...

Ouch! I hope she's starting to feel better. I love it when horses get frisky from the cool weather. I'm glad your daughter was feeling well enough to enjoy them a bit.

Meg said...

Beautiful pictures! What a pretty place! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I too am a craigslist fan, I spend too much time window shopping there ;).

Windy Ridge said...

Gorgeous photos!