Tuesday, January 26


Surely, I am not alone in my marathon 'get stuff done' sessions.  I just wish I got the urge for such marathons more often!
With Savannah's birthday slumber party looming,
and the arrival of Shawn's dad and wife in a few weeks for Ty's baptism...
I really wanted to complete a few tidbits of decor in Savannah's room, which also serves as our guest room for visiting family and friends.

Pardon the following photos... it was rainy, dreary, outside and the lighting was poor, very poor... that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Savannah does not want curtains... she is stubborn on that fact!
She gets it from me, I overall do not like anything on my windows... but I understand the need in bedrooms and bathrooms, Savannah does not have the same understanding.
The views from her bedroom windows are beautiful, she sees no need to cover them.
She is a morning person so she loves the early morning wake up call too.

So I finally got her to agree to some gorgeous aqua linen panels.
Giving her some cover, for modestly issues, whew!  No need in scandalizing neighbors :)!
I simply hung the panels from some adorable ceramic knobs, with twine ties... being careful to cover as little of her window moulding as possible (another reason she did not want window treatments)

Then, right in the middle of hanging the panels... I get an idea.
I bought this vase years ago, loved the shape, but it has traveled all around my house.  Location to location, never quite finding the perfect 'home'.  I think it is because the stain on the wood was quite orangey and never looked right with anything I already have.

As I was adding some twine to the curtain panels for hanging... for some crazy reason I remember this vase in the attic and thought that it would look great on Savannah's trunk... WRAPPED in the same twine!!
Love when something in my mind's eye turns out beautiful.
Savannah's loves it!

Since Savannah seemed most agreeable on that day... I ran with her non objections and pulled out some of my other treasures in the attic.
The vase is now cozied up to some antique crocks.  And you can see in the first photo an old corbel and quartz on the ledge, a beautiful branch leaned in the corner, antique frame, and my old pickle jar with a cherry tree branch.  This nook is done.

Since I was on a roll, I directed my attention to Savannah's chair.  Do you remember this y.u.m.m.y. creation from several months ago?  This has truly been a dream purchase.
She reads in it everyday!
It came with 4 matching linen pillow, I let Savannah go 'shopping' in my collection of fabrics, because we wanted to recover the pillows... and add a few extras.
Savannah did not want any of the pillows to match.

Blue is her favorite color.
I worried that the aquas, chambrays, and grey blues may not work... no need to worry!
Her choices in fabrics were perfection.
Disclaimer, I can not sew worth a flip.  But I can fumble through small projects... so fumble, fiddle, faddle I did!  Whew!  I did a different trim on each pillow too.

These were may favorites!
The pompom trim was tricky to work with, there are beautiful velvet ribbon bows (Savannah is NOT a bow gal but she didn't revolt on me) on the back of that pillow.
The aqua pillow is amazing, and I found this grosgrain ruffled trim (Savannah is NOT a ruffles gal but she bit her lip yet again) and could not be more thrilled with it.

Brace yourself!
Could the ties on the back of the aqua pillow be more fabulous?  I think NOT!!!
Love the brown/cream giraffe... had to use it.
PS - a symptom of ADD is that one obsesses over things that truly have little value to the overall picture or final outcome.
Why do I obsess about the BACK side of pillows?
I must analyze this further...

To finish out this reading nook, I added an antique stool with my favorite antique fan... it really works too!

And Savannah needed a place for her mEEEEEEllions of horse and barn bum magazines,
so I used this rustic tray and she can toss her throw on it too.

I need to make one more pillow for her bed,
paint a few of her favorite words on the wall above her head board,
and a few finishing touches in her bathroom.
Then, she will officially have the most completed room in the house.

Final pictures to follow, hopefully I can meet my deadline of February 4th, the arrive of Grandpa & Char.
Not to mention all this has to be done AFTER I finish the final projects in the Carriage House so Misty can finally move into the Guest Loft Apartment... aka future B&B!


Stefanie H said...


That all looks way cute! ur so creative

kg said...

*sigh* I love it when you post pictures of your home decor...can't wait to see the B&B! And I just saw that twine idea somewhere...cool!

Mike and Carrie said...

Hurry! I can't wait to see the finished room! Lots and lots of pictures please.

MrsMama said...

Wow, those pillows are FABulous! You did a great job.

I'd love to see/hear more about that black and white photograph I saw on canvas.

And, if you email me your address, I'll get your calendar in the mail. :)

Anonymous said...

So awesome! Oh how I can't wait to do the things I want to do with my home. ;) Oh and I have to say that I LOVE the info on ADD...too funny! If you didn't like that kind of detail you wouldn't be great at decorating and coming up with fab ideas.

karen said...

What an amazing room. I am totally stealing the window dressing idea. Fantastic fabric as well. Good luck finishing your list before it grows any longer.

Lisha said...

Love the vase, wanna come do my room next?!!

Can't wait to see it in person.

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous room! It's beautiful enough to be in a magazine, but it also looks comfy and cozy. I'd like to read everyday in that great chair too. The pillows are all wonderful, love the colors!

Anonymous said...
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T! said...

Dang judy. You impress me and make me think about "craftiness" in a new way....because I for sure am not a crafter. Good work...looks stellar.

Charity said...


T! said...

P.S. Happy Birthday to ya'll!!!!

Debbie said...

LOVE it! Savannah is so lucky! and I love your side note in VERY teeny tiny print about ADD.. haha That's how everything you do turns out so amazing!