Saturday, January 16

no business like... sNow business

Please pardon yet another snow post... but us Alabamians rarely get to dabble in this stuff.
And YES, we do realize this is a small amount of actual snow,
but we choose to see the 'glass 1/2 full'!

Classic sidewalk doodles, snicker!
This was the extent of my freezing temperature/snow rendevous.

The attention spans of my 2 boys is not adequate enough to make snowmen the tradition way...
rolling small snowballs over and over again as they grow in size.
So they packed snow in a bucket... packed, packed, packed.
Whaaalaaaa... Bucket Man!  So much fun was had!


Lisha said...

the cleverness of those boys never ceases to amaze me... their mama's boys, for sure, no denying them for you! i sure love those two!

The Happy Haynie Family said...

I love the mouth on the bucketman...heehee. We had snow here in Tulsa that in someplaces is still on the ground since Christmas Eve!