Wednesday, November 11

I almost lost my mommy license for this one....

First things first... a bit of explanation, with a little pinch of self-defense, in an effort to plead my case:

I do not own a sweet tooth.  I was not born with one, have not found one, nor have I developed one in my many years of tooth ownership.  I do however own plenty of salty, crunchy, chip loving teeth...
but no sweet tooth.

With that stated upfront, I think it may help explain why I forget about all the sticky, sweet, fruity, gooey, yumminess available in this wonderful world of ours.

So imagine Ty's surprise when I took him to the ChickFilA Pumpkin Patch Extravaganza a few weeks ago... and he is handed Cotton Candy!

Ty, at 7 years of age, did not know what it was!


There!  I own it!  My poor son looked at the Cotton Candy and gave me a questioning look of.... 'what. have. you. been. keeping. from. me.?"

I reassured him that it indeed was edible.
So he sampled it, grinned from ear to ear, and proceeded to say, "how long has this been invented?"

I really considered lying to him, yep, I really, really, considered telling a big fat fib.

How does a mom tell her son that Cotton Candy has been around since the ice ages?... or at least since I was a little girl... which to him WAS the ice ages.

He finally stopped giving me accusatory stares when I stood in line to get another cotton candy, under the premise it was for me, knowing that I would give it to him...

Then, and only then, was I forgiven for my monumental oversight!

Ty keeps calling it Cotton Candy Candy Clouds... isn't that cute?!


Sharon said...

That is funny! I think the 2nd round might have helped you gain some good footing in keeping your mommy license. ;)

Beth said...


Lee Family said...

How funny! I am with you on the sweets..I like them every once in awhile, but would much rather have junk food. :) Thanks for checking out my blog.

Sandy said...

That is tooo funny girl!! ha ha

Brandie Lyon said...

Man, what kind of mom are you?! Unfortunately I have too much of a sweet tooth,so my kids are exposed to
too much sweets.

MrsMama said...

Love this story. I, however, have the sweetest tooth in all history. If my children don't get cotton candy, it's because *I* ate it all and didn't share!