Tuesday, July 1

Dinner anyone?

So have you ever heard me describe myself as a less than great cook?
Nuf said!


MaioCampo said...

Great. Let's get you and Josh together and we oughta get some serious burnin' done.

Debbie said...

aww... Well, every now and then I will try to venture out and cook something new, and it doesn't always turn out so great-- at least not as good as I thought it would be in my mind! :-)

Dayna said...

We'll have to tell you some time about the time that Craig's chicken caught fire on the grill! And when I forgot that I had bread in the oven!

We had a great time touring your home last night. Thanks so much for being "naked and unashamed" for all of us. It was inspiring and enjoyable! Your family is beautiful. It's refreshing to see the joy you have as a wife/mother.

I'd love to come and fix you a meal in that fabulous kitchen!

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