Thursday, July 31

Callahan Reunion

Shawn's brothers and dad came to our neck of the woods for Father/Sons Reunion 2008. They decided to raft the Ocoee and camp out. They survived both the river AND the tremendous humidity (it was THICK)! We returned them to their wives all in ONE piece, although maybe a tad twisted and whiplashed!
So here they are... what?!?... can't you see 5 gorgeous Callahan men, a raft, paddles, and a guide with huge muscles? Look harder...I promise, they ARE in there... no men were thrown overboard during this voyage...

See? Ahhh, there those manly men are, taming that white water. In orange helmets, starting in the back left is Joe (son #3), to his right is Shawn (son #1), middle is Dad Bill, front left is baby bro Jeff, and front right is Tom (son #2) and notice how composed Tom seems in every picture, maybe it was the sunglasses, wink!

The fearless conquerors! Notice the 'guide' taking a good chuckle. I think he really enjoyed having a raft full of men, no women or children, and gave the guys the ride of their lives, no mercy... included in the experience (for no extra charge) proof to the Callahan 5... why one of the bends in the river is called 'Broken Nose'!

I hope the guys had as much fun as Shawn did showing them the sights. Hopefully they will return with all their 'gals' in tow next time, we missed seeing the females of the family... all 12 of them... did I count right? I made sure the Callahan men didn't leave the state without eating biscuits and gravy. I also fed them a HUGE lunch before their send-off ensuring a good case of 'food coma' on the plane ride home! I love when my sweetheart has time with his family, he is so blasted cute!


MaioCampo said...

I'm glad they had fun.

A coworker and her husband went a few weeks ago and she has as her wallpaper a series of photos of them wiping out... guide and everything got thrashed. The faces are hilarious.

I have been down that river since a kid, before it got engineered for the Olympics (I think I have the right river). With the boys being older I might have to plan a trip.

MaioCampo said...

Whoops! That should be, I haven't been down that river since a kid.

Debbie said...

That seems like fun, but I would be totally terrified! I'm not a very good swimmer, and I'm afraid I would drown if I got thrown overboard! haha