Wednesday, July 23

Always Kiss Me Goodnight

You know what I love?
A sweet husband that kisses me every morning, and everynight... never has missed!
A sweet husband that kisses me after each meal and tells me 'thankyou, it was yummy'... even if it was only leftovers.
A sweet husband that comes directly to me, before anyone or anything else, when he comes home from work or from being away from me for any other reason, to give me a kiss.
A sweet husband that smells so good and looks so handsome as he walks out the door each morning to be a tooth doctor.
A sweet husband who is so darn excited about his brothers and dad arriving this evening that he is literally BESIDE himself with joy!
A sweet husband that loves our 3 wonderful children so completely.
A sweet husband that married a shy (can be very frustrating for BOTH of us), strong-willed, tender, southern mess of a gal... and left Utah for 15 acres in Alabama, full of weeds, vines, animals, and humidity.
A sweet husband that tolerates me when I throw yet another hissy fit and am drowning in guilt, and lovingly forgives me... again.
A sweet husband that loves me perfectly even though I am far from perfect.
A sweet husband that is mine forever!


MaioCampo said...

EW! That's just mushy!

Dayna said...

How wonderful! I love that tribute to your husband -- a very rare thing in our day of feminism!

Debbie said...

What a great guy! ;-)