Saturday, July 5

So Blessed!

We hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th. We sure did! We worked outside 'fine tuning' some of our last projects in the heat and then we have given ourselves permission to head 'inside' to accomplish things, at least until Fall.

In the evening, we went over to our neighbors home to visit, eat... a lot, and enjoy fireworks. We were so blessed to meet several new families, some of which we had previously met their wonderful children. Now I can say I KNOW why the children are such a delight... the parents are just as incredible.

The food was delicious. I MUST get the recipe for Texas caviar! We offered to bring something too, but wisely, our hostess declined because she had already read my previous post and was not feeling adventurous enough to sample my cooking. We brought a watermelon.

Funny spin of the night was a spontaneous trek back over to OUR house for a tour. Yep!! You that know me, KNOW that I like things just so-so... but in my defense... it was a Friday, AND a holiday! My house was a disaster. Yet my numerous tourists were ever so gracious and oooohed and aaaahed in all the right places, giggle. Glad to report that noone broke anything jumping the trench by the Barn and our little 'caravan' returned safely back over to the neighbors. The kids did a wonderful job with the fireworks, no injuries, some very scared goats though... and then we all returned home and slept well to the sound of a good ole country rain.

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