Monday, July 7

Loved to 'Life'

In a recent post, I told you about our two new kittens... Snickers and BooBear. Snickers is doing very well and already a great 'hunter'. BooBear on the other hand has had some real struggles. She was the runt of her litter and is a third of the size she should be. We took her to the vet and had several tests ran on her but nothing obvious was wrong with her labs. But strangely, and much to the surprise of our vet, BooBear is an 'it', don't remember the official name. Can we pick 'em or what?! So BooBear has been quite sickly and on at least one day we thought for sure she was going to pass. But not with Savannah taking care of her. The vet said if BooBear made it through the next 3 weeks then she would probably be OK, not normal size, or the usual rough and tumble healthy, but she should survive for a good while. Savannah has pulled her through thus far. We should be able to vaccinate her by months end and not sure how to 'fix' an animal that is neither male/female, but we will let the vet figure that out. I just know we don't want billions of kittens in our future. So for now, we are head over heels in love with our little odds fighter. Isn't she just beautiful... since calicos are USUALLY gals, we just make it easy on ourselves and call her SHE!


Dayna said...

I love the new photo! So cute!

Are BooBear and Snickers from the litter next door? If so, check out my album "Warm Fuzzies" on my site.

How interesting that BooBear is asexual! Wow! I've never heard of a case like that.

Way to go, Savannah, for loving "her" into vitality!

I'm enjoying your blog. It's time to read the archives...

danakat said...

I love little kitties!

And I love reading your stuff. It's like I'm sitting right with you having a chat.

karen said...

So sweet. I'm with you, lets just call it a girl. It's kinda weird.