Sunday, June 29

They're safely home, whew!

Christian left for Scout Camp last Sunday and arrived home Saturday. Savannah left for YW Camp Tuesday and returned home on Friday. I missed them both terribly and even Ty was desperate for their return. Shawn drove the scouts to camp on Sunday and then was able to return back to camp on Thursday to finish out the week with the boys.

Christians favorite badge was Archery. He was great at it, and might I add a handsome archer to boot!!

Yep! There's my creative guy. Typical Christian... sees 3 arrows embedded in a target and thinks...'let me see if I can squeeze up in here, HAAA, I fit! Take a picture dad.'

I laughed out loud when I saw this picture. I needed NO explanation. Hummm, looks like 'somebody's troop' forgot to make a troop flag. Hurry fellas, stick something, ANYTHING, on a stick and call it a flag... and so was born Troop 76's flag... the 'Gatorade Patrol'!

And... sadly... Troop 76's cabin. Please no judgement! He does NOT take after me, and I can't even blame this one on my neat freak, meticulous, husband. Christian comes by this very much on his own, not that this is ALL his, but I recognize ALOT of it, grrrrr. I blame this also on his creative side, hopefully, someday, this gene will serve him well, but for now... this is eerily familiar... whimper... it looks just like his bedroom at home, sigh! But even with his lack of organization skills, he's a keeper and I'm glad he's home!

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Debbie said...

I love the picture of Christian squeezing between the arrows!!