Sunday, June 22

We ran away from home!

The Callahans are finally healthy and we decided to run away for the weekend. The kids wanted to go to the Birmingham Zoo. We had a wonderful time and Savannah was our official photographer for the weekend.

Can you see the fear in my eyes? The kids were so proud of me for even going into the bird cage... and I managed to really enjoy it instead of running away screaming like a little girl. And best of all, the little birdies were very nice to me and did not scare me with their pointy beaks, grin!!

Roos ROCK!


Here are our very handsome men, pooped out at the hotel after a very long day. We stayed overnight, went swimming and slept late the next morning! A wonderful family weekend.

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Debbie said...

Glad you guys had fun!! You got some good pics-- good job, Savannah!