Monday, June 23

Darn duds!

The poor hen in our barn has been sitting on dud eggs, bless her heart! Eggs should take only 3 weeks and they are WAY overdue. Yet she still sits, what dedication. Now we need to catch her off the eggs grabbing a quick bite to eat and swipe the eggs so she will know to move on. Just seems sad to me... I'm being told I better toughin' up where these animals are concerned, grin. We get our two goats this Saturday. I didn't want to officially get them until Savannah is back from YW camp... she is the true expert in our family and I feel much safer with her around! I'll post pictures of the goats... Jack and Amelia soon. PS - I about NEVER got Shawn to finish the goat fencing. The guy is a perfectionist... which in his career bodes very well for patients, but to just get a simple fence up for a couple goats... well, lets just say, good thing I love my husband to pieces or I would have pinched him... HARD!!!

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Debbie said...

well, you gotta appreciate the fact that when he does something he's gotta make sure it's done right!! even if it is just for a couple of goats ;-)