Sunday, June 1

Pitter, Patter, Squish... Splatter!

Cast of Characters

Oreo - family kitten, surviving well by avoiding anything or anyONE that tries to squeeze her and make her eyeballs bulge!

Noah - nephew, aka squeezer of certain things cuddly, furry, and making the sound of meow.

Taylor - niece, aka little miss mommy

Ty - eyewitness to the following play by play

Me - aunt, that laughed and laughed over 30 minutes at the wonderful chaos!

On the last Fridays of each month I have offered free babysitting for Noah and Taylor so their parents can go to the temple or on a date. This past Friday was the long awaited day and both Noah and Taylor were able to come play. After dinner we went out front to wait for the fireflies to come out and run, run, run.

Taylor found this stick and used it to poke at everything and point at items that she needed me to see. She dropped her stick on her foot after playing with it a while and decided it was no longer so wonderful... she kicked it into the grass, good ole hissy fit from a Southern Belle!

I just love a baby in a saggy diaper. Noah walked up and down the sidewalk over and over again. I think the texture felt different on his toesies and he enjoyed it. Our kitten Oreo was very curious about Noah and Taylor and got real close to see them but Noah wanted to give her loves and Oreo was NOT interested.

Good news... its not the USUAL brown stuff you see oozing out of a baby's diaper... just good ole MUD! I missed the events leading up to this mess but Ty said that Noah got Oreo by the tail. She bolted and Noah pursued... right into a huge mudpuddle. Ty was laughing so hard because he said Noah went airborne and then splat.

Noah would just stand still and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle his toes!

It all went south when Taylor started to scold Noah for the HUGE mess.. 'no, no, no, noah!' He was offended and insisted on Taylor giving him loves. With a look of 'OH NO YOU DON'T' Taylor ran from Noah but he needed a hug. When she took her eyes off him he hugged her from behind and then Taylor was so very upset... now SHE is a muddy mess. So both were bawling at the same time. Neither could be consoled.

They both continued to cry during the stripdown, the dunk in the tub, and the scrubdown. It probably wasn't helpful that Ty and I found this whole thing quite hilarious and laughed the whole time, which caused both Noah and Taylor to get higher pitches of wailing!

Ahhhh. Clean, sweet, non-crying Taylor. I brought back her happiness with some good ole grapes.

Noah held a tad bit of a grudge for Aunt Dawn and Taylor but he accepted some spoiling from Christian. Ty picked out two of his tshirts to give to Noah and Taylor for nightshirts. This otter shirt is a hand-me-down clear from Phillip and the shirt he got for Taylor had a soccer ball on it because he thought Uncle Jared would approve.
So... there hasn't been the sound of crying babies in my home for quite some time. I think I was quite calm through the whole ordeal, even quite tickled. I hope Noah and Taylor forgive me eventually for thinking they are so cute in head to toe mud AND even with tears! It was the best evening I have had in a long time, so looking forward to next month.


kb said...

What a great story. It made me chuckle. Toddlers are so fun and so much work all in one. How nice of you to babysit.

Lacey Freeman said...

What a funny story. I love it that Noah and Taylor are so close at such a young age. They are such cute kids!

Kim said...

Soo funny! They are both adorable no matter how they come, and I'm glad you were able to capture such a cute (hee hee) moment on film!

Sharon said...

What a great and memorable adventure!!! It made me laugh! I have to admit I was glad to see that that was MUD on him! :)

Debbie said...

haha.. Thank you SO MUCH! We had a great night, and I loved hearing about your night's events as well... so funny! As much as Taylor LOVES to be outside, I can't believe she pitches such a fit when she gets dirty. I guess we need to break her of that habit. A few more play dates with Noah just might do it! ;-) Words cannot describe how cute she looked in Ty's t-shirt!

Beth said...

1. I LOVE your house.
2. The picture of Noah walking with the saggy diaper is so stinking cute!
3. What a great aunt you are! That is a great idea!
4. I love babies in big tees! They look so sweet.

Mike and Carly said...

I like the feeling of mud between my toes so I am right with Noah in just wiggling 'em around and taking it in! Cute!

The Glouners said...

too funny!