Sunday, February 12

WHOOOOO Loves You?

Today in Nursery was such an incredible day!  The kids sang their little hearts out during music time, they played so nice together, and they just adored every little tid bit of the lesson.  Happy sigh.  
It being the Sunday before Valentine's Day, I wanted to make a little goody for them to take home.
I had seen some cute little cupcake owls on Pinterest.
I wasn't sure how cupcakes would travel home safely and feared they would be too messy.
So I adapted the idea and made cookies instead..
Here is the 'owl factory'.  PS - somehow I thought pulling oreos apart and keeping the white middles more pristine was going to be an easier task.... NOT!  I had to keep reminding myself that the kids would not notice!!
 Funny how the addition of the little orange 'beak' made a world of difference with the cookie actually resembling an owl, whew!
 Almost complete...
 I packaged them in these little plastic containers I had.  I used a little frosting on the back side of the cookie to actually 'glue' it safely in there.  Then added a little gift tag that read:
WHOOOOO Loves You?
We Do!!
Happy Valentine's Day
Love, Your Nursery Teachers.
I hope they loved them!


Kelli @ WhimsiKel said...

Lincoln LOVED his! As did I. I wish I'd managed to grab a picture of him looking at it like it was Mt. Everest and the Holy Grail before biting into it for the first time. Cause that expression was priceless. Thanks for your hard work in the nursery - we love all your efforts. And we can't wait to see what you do with a family pic next week... :)

kg said...

What a cute idea!!

Cari said...

My kiddos LOVED the ones Mimi stole for them. I wouldn't let them eat them til we got home and they were DYING!!! I may or may not have taste tested Eden's for her. Never fear, they were not poisoned.