Thursday, February 9

Perfectly Opposites

When Christian was little, he challenged me... I never seemed to have enough patience, stamina, sleep, or clever solutions for directing his non-stop talent for mischief. 
But he was such an affectionate rugrat.  I was never for want of hugs or loves from Christian.
Now that he is 16, he is still so quick to offer a hug, to tell me he loves me, or ask if I need anything.
I sure never dreamed that rambunctious toddler would become such a laid back, easy going, & happy guy!
6 years later, Ty came on to the Callahan scene.  He was an easy baby.  Easy toddler.  Self entertainer which was such a blessing for me since his older brother and sister had long since been going to school at this point and Ty was home alone with me most days.  Ty was also painfully shy and quiet.  He actually talked at an early age but said very little, even around family.  We knew if Ty said something... it was important to him.
  I didn't receive the nonstop chatter I did with Christian at his age.  I didn't get the random 'I love you's that I got with Christian.  And I did not get the easily offered apologies either.
 I have to work hard to be aware of Ty's feelings because he is a hard 'book' to read at times. 
 Ty and I are very close... tremendously so.  He is stubborn to the core, but when he needs help... he knows I will understand. 
I get him.  And he gets me too.
  His creativity is intense and I value it.  One day when we (Ty and I) were at my antique booth, the store owner had come to talk with me and she looked at Ty and said, "You have a very talented mommy... Do you know that?"  And my shy, introvert son looked right at her and said, "Yes... I do... and I am just like her."  

So while I stated earlier that he has never been generous in saying 'I love you' or 'I'm sorry'... he is not at all void of showing me or expressing those feelings.

Last week was a very up and down week.  I have been in a lot of pain lately, going through Physical Therapy most days but still needing to do school with Ty too.  I am sure I have not been a delight to be around at times.  And poor Ty is the one person that spends the greatest amount of time with me on a daily basis.  He knew just what I needed last Tuesday.  I got home from PT and I asked him to set out his school supplies so we could get going on work for the day.  
I found this by the computer where his school paperwork is usually laid.
And this was right next too it.  I was so perplexed.
 I am so very thankful that I took the moment to pause and realize that whatever this little code/riddle was, that Ty must have worked on it while I was gone to PT and made sure to place it where I would find it when I got home.  I wasn't feeling well but curiosity kept my mood light as I finally realized that the two pieces of paper laid on top of each other and held to the light was yet another sweet note from this quiet, sweet son of mine....
 I loved him so much in that moment that I was able to refocus the rest of my day and enjoy time spent with him homeschooling.  We even cuddled later that day while reading Anne of Green Gables and we ended up dozing off in to a much needed nap for both of us.
This son of mine sure knows his mommy and I sure needed my son that day.

And just for documentation, a few days after this, he had made a very unwise choice and had gotten into big trouble, eeeeek.  But never fear, I found this on my nightstand before going to bed ;)
 Yep.  We sure are good for each other!

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Cari said...

That note is seriously so clever. Love it.