Wednesday, February 8

{25} Random things....

{1}  I am linking up with  Perfectly Imperfect and doing a 25 Random things post.  And.... YES.... I am blogging again.  As I, very long windedly, explained in my last post, our family needed to cut out all excess internet usage for the sake of homeschooling, office emergencies, and church.  But blogging was deemed 'very important' by my family so we will make additional adjustments to accommodate it.  YAY!

{2}  I cleared out my antique booth and it was bittersweet but not devastating.  I guess when something is the right decision comfort is given, thankful for that peace of mind.

{3}  Ty and I are reading Anne of Green Gables for school.  It is challenging for us both but we do find Anne hilarious!

{4}   I am currently going through a very painful span of Physical Therapy... trying to relieve the pain in my back.  I do a whole lot of nervous laughter during the sessions.  Anyone else cope with pain with giggles?

{5}  Tuesday is my laundry day.  Shawn always carries our hampers in to the laundry room for me.  It is currently Wednesday and the hampers are still parked in the laundry room full of dirty laundry.  I'm blaming it on almost daily Physical Therapy sessions and the havoc they have wreaked to my schedule and my 'getter done already' attitude.  Tonight, yep, tonight it WILL all get done.

{6}  We have survived another year of ALL 5 of our birthdays occuring in 2 weeks time.  Whew!

{7}  There is a random kitten that has started showing up on our back porch each morning.  It sleeps on a cushion we have outside our master bedroom french door yet bolts before we can feed it or do anything further but provide a soft place for it to sleep.

{8}  My husband has been loving me perfectly as I have vowed to GET my health back on track for 2012.  The doctor appointments have been expensive and plentiful but I am optimistic that I WILL get answers and several of my 'loves' that have been edited in the past couple years will return... like gardening!

{9}  Our huge harvest table has a huge crack down the middle.  It will be moved to the barn to serve as a potting table and to live out the rest of its life before it takes the final 'split'.  Which means we will need to make another one, going simple this time... not amazing single piece of antique oak for the top... but hopefully the new one can be amazing in its own right.

{10}  I sold the benches to the harvest table to my sister, I want individual chairs.  Only hiccup... I need 12 chairs, found my dream bentwood chairs on clearance... still can't afford all 12 at once so I have been buying a couple each month as I can scrape the money together.  The big question is... will they still be available by the time I can afford them all?  I am hope, hope, hoping!!

{11}  I am 5'6.  Don't laugh, but the last time I remember being measured for my height was my junior year in highschool and I was 5'4.  I just stuck with that height. My driver's license at this very moment states my height as 5'4.  But during my physical recently I found out that I am actually 5'6... 5'6.25 if I am to be absolutely exact.  Who knew?

{12}  I literally 'ache' with anticipation when I think of it almost being time to start planting in the pots on the porches.!

{13}  Met with a landscape architect recently to try and solve some 'issues' we have with the farm.  Maybe someday our driveway won't get washed away with each rain.  Maybe.

{14}  I really, REALLY think my husband is adorable.

{15}  This may have something to do with #14... we are celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary in a few weeks and he is already trying to 'plan' something big and fabulous for the big 20TH!!  Of course, just time with him here on the farm is a.ok. with me but it will be fun to see if he goes all cookuuukachoooo and pulls off something amazing for 2013, snicker!

{16}  Shawn wants to have his Dad, Char, all his brothers and their entire families come to our home for a HUGE family reunion in 2013.  We would with joy if it is able to happen, that would be a whole lot of folks & schedules to get all coordinated but we hope it is possible!

{17}  We are doing the CASH/ENVELOPES system of monthly budgeting and we have already, in just 2 months, saved more than we did the whole year of 2011. 

{18}  I love white tulips.

{19}  I just turned 42.  Yep.  And I am convinced that the 40s have and will continue to be the best years so far.  I am really, sincerely, loving this time!

{20}  I chew the inside of my cheek.  Drives my husband crazy.  He says I would MOST DEFINITELY stop if I could see how I distort my face to do it.  I'm sure he's right.  Yet, I do not have any earthly idea how to stop doing something I 'do' subconsciously.  Perplexed indeed!

{21}  I ask myself daily... "Is it reasonable for a 42 year old woman, of above average intelligence (wink), to break out in a sweat each day as she attempts to help her 4th grade son do math?"  I will read the heading to the math lesson and my heart beats faster.  Headings like: Cartesian Coordinates, Polygons, Pi, Circumference, Tessellations, etc.  Funny thing is that once we start to read the lesson... me not showing an ounce of fear to Ty of course... then I often sigh because it 'all comes back to me' and we do the lesson uneventfully.  But day after day, I have the same sweat fits, cause I know deep down in my grey matter... the time is coming real soon that my ability to 'recall' math principles will hit a huge brick wall.  Near future.  Maybe next week! 

{22}  I ordered our chicks for this spring.  We are getting 5 free ducks.  Why free ducks?  No idea, it was just the hatcheries deal for this month.  Will keep you updated, grin.

{23}  I am embarrassed by my inability to go longer than 15 minutes at a time on our elliptical.  Sad.

{24}  I finally found the PERFECT coffee table for our TV room.  Perfect shape, perfect height, perfect proportions.  The kids vetoed it.  Just like that.  They can't do their WII Just Dance game.  So the coffee table!  My attempts at good interior design are so overlooked in this family, grumble. 

{25}  I am going to eat out two nights this weekend.  Big News!  I usually only get one night off of cooking but as part of our family bday traditions, the birthday kid  gets to choose dinner for their birthday.  It can be a favorite meal I can cook them or they can choose to go out.  Christian has chose Salsaritas for Friday night, yippee.  Never mind that Shawn and I had already decided to go out on Saturday for an early Valentines Dinner and we are going to Casa Blanca.  Mexican two nights in a row AND I didn't have to lift a finger to cook any of it.... now THATS what I call a great weekend!


Quincy Sorensen said...

All 25, delightful! It is so fun to read your blog again.

danakat said...

Fun and insightful. Just like you.

Jen said...

I'm so so glad that blogging is back!
BTW, if/when we move to ID I really want to raise chickens. Can you be my go-to girl for all things chicken??? Because I haven't the first clue. :)

Kelli @ WhimsiKel said...

Dawn, I'm so glad you'll keep blogging! I love to see what projects you're working on and your latest decor. :)

Ranee J Fratangelo said...

I was reading one about math. Have you every been to khan They have videos and math questions and it is very cool...they have other help stuff but mostly for high school and college

Karen said...

So so happy to see you blogging again. It's a joyous day.

Marci said...

ahhh i wish you and i lived close together because just like anne and diana we are kindred spirits.:D
those pictures of flowers up there at the top of this page just made me sooo hungry for the days pruning, planting, weeding...sigh.
hope that back gets well soon!!!