Sunday, February 19

in the meantime....

I find myself entering into my final week of physical therapy.  Well, final week for this initial go around, truth is there may be more of these appointments in my near future.  I compare these physical therapy sessions to 'stirring up a hornet's nest'.  A necessary evil, to hopefully find long term resolutions to curing or managing my pain.  I am optimistic.  I am also very exhausted and know that this process will involve many layers.  

In the meantime, I dream of pain free days of intense gardening.  I've missed being outside with dirt under my fingernails and clipped treasures to bring back inside and put in every imaginable container I can scrounge up.  So I beg a huge pardon from those who follow me on Pinterest... as you have surely seen, I have been in a BLOOMIN' frame of mind and my pins reflect that clearly.  My daughter's favorite current flower is the peony.  That girl has good taste.  I've raised her well!
My favorite flower?  I have been so long removed from my love of gardening, I fear I have too many to list.
So in my current state of daily doctor appointments, hornet nest stirring, and pain management... I will continue to get lost in pictures like these.  I must believe these pictures will become my reality... hopefully sooner than later!
{Eden Rose... almost as beautiful as my niece, but not quite... no prejudice of course}
{I will be a topiary master someday, yep}
{note to future landscape designer... I want an obnoxious amount of cherry trees lining our entrance}
{inspiration photo for our front yard}
{new dawn climbing rose... my favorite}
{wanna take a stroll?}
{and this one is for Savannah}
Now I feel better about my upcoming week... she giggles!


Kim Mayfield said...

Been loving all the flower pins! Peonies run a close second to tulips for my favorite flower.
Hope this week goes well. Please let me know if you need anything! You will be in my thoughts and prayers this week.

Karen said...

I'm so happy your blogging again. I love your thoughts and ideas. I hope you feel better soon.