Tuesday, February 14

Lovely Day...

In actuality, here locally, it is overcast, dreary, and rainy.  BUT I refuse to let that 'dampen' my spirits...

I showed myself love by getting a mammogram at 7:40am this morning.  Fun?  No.  Important?  Yes.

Christian went to seminary this morning with a long stem rose for every young women in his class.  He just laid a rose on the table at each seat that a gal sits in.  He said that he wanted to make sure all his gal'friends' felt some appreciation today.  I think all the girls thought the teacher did the roses, snicker.  

Shawn got me an incredible card.  That guy can really pick 'em!!  

I will meet with Shawn this evening to go to a sappy, lovey dovey movie... he is so sweet to tolerate my movie choices, grin.

The 3 kids don't have hot dates like I do, snicker, but they will all go see a movie together instead.  They insist that their movie will NOT be sappy.

Today is such a lovely day.  

I love doing this for others and I l.o.v.e. when its done for me.... just the best!


kg said...

I had a friend getting a mammogram early this morning too...maybe you saw her in the waiting room :) And I want to see that movie too, I think we will when we go on our 'stay cation' when my mom comes.

Kim Mayfield said...

Glad you got your mammogram! I'm due in a few weeks, too.

Thanks for the info on the movie. Kayti is still refusing to see it. Oh well... Meg and I will make a night of it!

Happy Heart Day!