Saturday, August 27

Yesterday... and some resulting thoughts

Yesterday... I was sick.  And truth is today I don't feel much better, but I have resolved to try and ignore it.  If I ignore it, it'll just go away.  Right?!  That's my game plan anyway.  My optimism is lacking though.

Yesterday... I had planned a trip to the lake to go boating.  I did not get to go.  Whimper.  Shawn was a super dad and still took all the kids and they had a blast.

Yesterday... I found this little note under by bedroom door from Ty.  He was sad I could not join them on the boat.  He is so good at writing me notes... I sure love him!
 Yesterday... I got tired of being inside, so I sat on the front porch.  I counted 7, SEVEN, of these green guys/gals on our front porch.  And everyone of them was nicely suction cupped to a porch column with half opened eyes... lazy day.
 Yesterday... I strolled the woods outside our kitchen window and gathered these itsy bitsy pinecones.  I'm not sure what type of pinetree drops these little cones, but I love them!  I have the kids out today gathering our larger cones from around our silo.  They sure were whiney about it... the kids... not the pinecones!
 Yesterday... my sweetheart was very soft and patient with me.  He even drove to the next town to pick up two very HUGE cement urns I found on craigslist.  I hoped they would be large, the seller had them in storage and could not give me exact measurement... and I was not disappointed.  And was so glad that I wasn't the one that had to heave-hoooo them into the back of the truck and bring them home.  Thank you Shawn... ps, I love you tons!

Yesterday... I visited our coop.  Well, actually, Savannah told me she was 'socializing' the 3 remaining chicks with the old hens and I had to go take a look.  This process can be volatile... the pecking order is alive and well in our chicken coop!
 ...thankfully though, an old hen has 'adopted' the 3 chicks and is mothering them.  This has kept the other hens from feeling the need to harass them the normal amount. 
 Yesterday... I decided to go ahead and name the 3 lone survivors.  These are 'top hatter' chickens and I can't help but think of BIG 80s hair when I see them.  We think two are males because of the size of their 'hats'... and one lone female.
We'll call this guy... Ozzy. 
 And this fella is... Bowie.
And this little beauty is... Lauper
Oh how I loved me some Cyndi back in the day.  Truth is I loved her best in combo red and yellow hair, grin.
Yesterday... evening, Shawn and Christian gathered with friends for a 'friendly' game of Settlers
of Catan.  AND Chrisitan did not win.  I state this because Christian is the most frustrating person to play board games with because the boy never loses.  But alas... he met his match(es).  And I am glad to report that my boy is a good sport about losing... no moping, whining, or tantrums were reported.

Last night, not sure I can actually call it 'night', I crawled into bed at 5:45pm.  I was thinking I would take some meds and catch up on blog reading... while I waited to fall alseep.  I did not even stay awake long enough to fully boot up the computer.  Nope.  I don't remember a thing.  Literally head hit the pillow and lids slammed shut.

This morning I have been thinking on some words of wisdom:

"Sometimes we get so worn out with being useful, that we get useless."

"People who cannot find time for recreation, are obliged - sooner or later - to find time to be sick."

"Time wasted is not always a waste of time."

"How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterwards."  
Spanish Proverb

And so I grimace thinking how absolutely 'packed' my September calendar is... and that month has not even begun.  I've got to edit somehow.  Else I fear I shall find myself 'useless' again ;)  Balance sure is not a way of life that I have mastered as of yet...

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