Thursday, August 25

Sisters, Inc

Every Thursday, us Mayfield gals gather together to hang out and let the kiddos play.
Sometimes we are productive, like creating a photo wall in Alisha's living room, or doing a service project of some sort... but often we just enjoy each others company.
Over the summer we had a field trip to the Train Depot.
 I had never been here.  It was a burning hot day... so we were thankful that there were fun indoor activities too.
 Mayfield cousins are never short on goofiness... the dress-up clothes were a big hit!
 I do not have a regular 'slot' in the rotation, since I can not make it every week during the school year... due to homeschooling.  So I love to have Sisters,Inc here at the farm when I can during the summer months.
 We always serve lunch... and can I just tell ya, we can put out a spread!  Depending on what hostess is in charge... we have mexican, hotdogs, homemade pizzas, sandwiches, etc. 
 Ty sure loves the summer Sisters, Inc the best because the older cousins are there too.  But truth be told, when we attend throughout the year Ty quite enjoys the 'rockstar' status with the younger cousins too... he has his own little groupies!
Today, Ty and I should be at Cari's for SI, whimper.  I am not feeling well so we had to miss.  So at least I could post these pics and grin.

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Cari said...

We missed you today. Hope you're feeling better. smooches!