Sunday, August 14


Today was our Ward Conference.  I adore Ward Conference!

Today I had such a tender heart.  I was a goner with the opening song at church... then the Sacrament song had me all emotional...  and then lo and behold, the choir sang one of my favorite songs.  Whew!  Sometimes the tears must flow, and in the end it feels good and right!

Today I found myself watching Christian as he passed the Sacrament.  I love him, of course.  Even more than that I love who he is, the ways he is like me, the ways he is better than me, the ways he is like his father, the ways he is very much his own person and loves life.  He was a tough kid to 'mother' when younger... sure enjoying him now.  Rewards.  Heavenly Father sure can pile on the rewards!

Today we only had 13 children in Nursery.  But before I could fully enjoy the newness of having so few children... I instantly missed the children that were absent.  Truth is I love the wonderful chaos when ALL our littles are present... I love the divas, the ALL BOYS, the snugglers, the gigglers, the ones with broken 'volume' buttons, the squirmers,  the timids, the dancers... I could not love them more.  Nope.

Today I bent down to scoop up a Nursery babe to tickle him... but the joke was on me cause I popped a button on my skirt.  That wasn't a boost to my self-esteem, but it did not save the babe from a thorough tickling nonetheless!

Today I fixed mozzarella paninis and a HUGE salad for dinner.  It was Yum! 

Tonight I still am feeling a tad tender hearted.  My Sweetheart and Christian just got home from their Priesthood Meetings and I love that they get to go together. 

Tonight I am once again thankful for a gorgeous Sabbath Day.  I love Sundays!

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