Tuesday, August 2

Summer Heat Advisory!

Seems that most days while the cousins were living at the farm, came with a heat advisory.  So if the outside play didn't involve water, that meant the kids had to stay inside during the day.  One evening we waited for the temps to finally go down and then we headed out for dinner.
 A classic hot dog and marshmallow roast... with all the necessary fixins and supplies, note the bug spray!
 Kena found the absolutely best roasting stick e.v.e.r.... she was quite proud of her find....
 Ummmmm, that is until she broke it.  OoOoops.  She was determined to put it back together.  Adamant!
 Truth be told the hotdogs were still a tad frozen when I brought them out.  Required diligence to get it heated all the way through.  I think the kids much preferred the instant gratification of the marshmallows.  Although NateDogg's marshmallow roasting skills were brought into question.  He managed to get pine needles and all kinds of debris in his 'mallow.  He kept on trying though....
 Its worth mentioning here that this guy can be a tad shy.  Yep.  Timid.  Reserved.  All around Camera Shy!
 Seems Kena was the 'one' to cuddle this night.  Everytime I tried to take her picture... someone had to squeeze or kiss her.  Its a hard life..
 It was a fantastic evening.  Alisha and I even hung out in the adirondaks long after the kids went in... and just when I dared mention the bugs weren't half bad... they got me good. 
Good Night!


Lisha said...

I L.O.V.E. all these posts. Such a fun month, thank you, thank you, for letting us come and then posting these fun memories! We love you!!!

Ranee J Fratangelo said...

Dawn, I am a friend of Misty and Cari. I love your monday stuff and I've bought a few of your things. I know you home school(blog) and I need help. From the stuff I've read(blog) I feel you would be a good person to ask questions to...so email me please.

Thanks Ranee


Karen said...

I am loving seeing all these pictures lately. Looks like one fun month. And what fun pic's of Nate Dogg.