Monday, August 1

Market Monday

Today marks my 3 month anniversary in my booth.  I had lots of goals set for myself for this first quarter and I have thankfully met them.  I did not foresee how quickly it would grow! The next 3 months' goals are sure to include more organization and balance, so this can be a long-term venture for me.  The staff at Packards are so patient and kind.  Their compliments and suggestions have been so appreciated.  Today as I was restocking, I heard 3 different people enter Packards and ask specifically for Once Upon a Farm Booth.  I later found out that pictures of my booth were featured on Packards Facebook Page.  Grateful.  So once again, go HERE... for a look at some items added to booth as of this morning.


Lisha said...

Yay! I was eager before last month for your Market Monday posts, but ever more so now that I know the process of finding and restoring treasures that you go through. So fun!

Marci said... are so my kinda girl.
love your style!