Tuesday, April 27

Sam & Clover

We had twins born on the farm late Sunday night.
Much to Savannah's chagrin... she missed the birth.  She had been stalking Amelia, our mommy goat, all day and hoped to be present... but in the end she arrived minutes afterwards.

This is Sam.
Sam he is.
Couldn't help myself.  I love the random names that are chosen for each of our animals.
Sam has the gorgeous markings of his father, Jack, and the Nubian ears I adore so much.

And below is Clover.
She looks more like her mother and has those pointy ears that remind me of bird's wings in flight.

Unless there is something in the works with our donkey, Jenni, that we don't know about...
we should be done with babies for 2010.
Savannah is in heaven right now... these babes are such work but she just thrives on it.
Her hopes are to go to college and be a farm vet, she sure seems to have a nack for that future career!


Jenni said...

Sorry Savannah missed it - cute kids though! Oh, and I just realized your donkey and I have the same name - you trying to tell me something? ;-)

Anonymous said...

They are adorable! I love both types of ears. Makes me want one. Then I remember that I have a horse for a dog and all the work that goes with him and decide otherwise. :)

Sorry she missed it, but it looks like she sure is in love with her animals.

Lisha said...

Yay! A girl! They are precious, so sad Savannah missed the birth.

danakat said...

Holy Cuteness!! Those little faces are adorable.
Will they be wearing diapers too?

Congratulations, Savannah!!!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Oh they are so cute!
My 1 year old kissed a baby goat on the nose this week-end. It was his idea and it melted my heart.

MrsMama said...

Congratulations to all of you!

I need to borrow Savannah to help me nurse our cat back to health. I bet *she* could get a pill down Frodo's throat! :P

Debbie said...

So cute! I love that they have different types of ears... easier to tell apart :-)