Wednesday, April 21


My daughter asked me a very good question today.

When I announced it was time to get ta business (aka get to school work)...
Savannah asked, "How are we supposed to work under these conditions?"

She was referring to the unbelievably gawgeous weather we are currently having.
But work we must little gal.  Only 4 more weeks of homeschooling and then we can play!

So she cleverly went to the backporch, found a rocking chair and a puppy...
and settled into reading Beowulf.

Christian preferred to find a sunny corner in the classroom... and then stubbornly would not let his mother take a good photograph, grrrr.

And where is Ty?
Well, he was just in this back pasture with the donkeys... so I assume he is now climbing one of these trees.
Ty is outside goofing off on a field trip because he is ahead in school and I ordered him to go to the pasture so he was not a distraction... as little brothers can sometimes be!
He did pick me more flowers!

With a note included:

"i saw this flowr i Thoht you mite like it
And This red one i Thoht it was werd
Love TY"

Disclaimer:  As his homeschool teacher I would like to point out that I DO try and teach this guy proper capitalization, sentence structure, puctuation, and spelling... I do... really I do.
(Never mind that I rarely practice what I preach teach when writing a post, wink, wink)

Meanwhile, what am I doing this lovely day in the country?
Conducting a little experiment of my own.
Specifically, can one get sick eating WAY too many cucumbers and red pears.
Still researching.
Will let you know of any conclusions.


Lisha said...

I'm curious to hear the results of your research... ;)

Sandy said...

Wouldn't all kids be so lucky to be having school while holding their dog! I love it! Beowulf..good!!

The Glouners said...

Thank you SO much for your homeschooling comments on my blog!It made me feel so much better to know that it took you a while to make the big decision too. It seems like everyone else just KNOWS, and I'm still waivering, so your comments really helped.
Can you send me a link to your cover school?

Anonymous said...


Stefanie H said...

How darn sweet was that little note?? I've always been super fond of a simple note from someone i love :)

Debbie said...

I love the note from Ty, too... the thoughtfulness of picking the flower and then leaving you a note and then of course the fact that he picked the other one because it was just weird! haha