Monday, April 5

Nursin' a bad case of guilty conscience

Are you comfy?  Get comfy!  This is a novel and a 1/2...

To start the saga, in a weak moment several weeks ago... seems I mentioned to hubby that I would refrain from buying trees this spring because our focus would be on several structures that we need to get/build.
I must have been delusional from the long winter.

Last Thursday found me at my favorite greenery in my former hometown.
I was actually innocently there, truly... I was very early for a 10am meeting, and needed to kill time.
I had Shawn's truck because I was going to pick up a few adirondak chairs after said meeting.

Honestly, I truly was innocently browsing... but then I was maliciously sidelined.

I actually left the greenery empty handed.
Will of steel, yep that's me.

After leaving my meeting, I went to get the chairs like previously planned.
But there weren't any.  I called the vendor and he said he would give me a great price on a large number of said chairs and would even deliver them to our home at a discount for the chairs and delivery for free.

Until the reality of an empty truck bed became just too sad of a reality for me. Too, too sad.

Documented fact that an overflowing truck bed is much happier than an empty one.

Just count all these happies!
I was rendered helpless when faced with walking away without these 3 White Redbuds.
OH my.

Have you seen these?
Redbuds, as the name indicates, are usually covered in vivid red/fushia blooms.
Since I am a white f.a.n.a.t.i.c, and since I have never seen these at a local nursery, only seen them online for MUCH more than I paid for these ... SOLD!

I'm going to move, using the word 'I' very loosely here, the tiny cherry tree currently next to coop fence and tripod the white redbuds there, ahhhhh, perfection.

The other goodness in the truck was quinces.

I actually can't plant too many areas right now.  We need massive landscaping that is out of our do-it-yourself league in the form of dirt distribution, irrigation issues, etc.  So we wait for those areas until better financial times.  But under the cherry tree in our circular drive I feel safe to plant.
I picture some Snow White Hawthorns mixed with these quinces and much more yumminess.

Well, to my sweetheart's credit... he did not flip at my recent purchases.  Did not even bring up the promise I made about no spring trees.  It was like he knew I would be weak, kinda sad, huh?!  But never my husband fear... the weekend had a way of coming back to bite me... HARD!

#1Case in point:
We bought this cutey shed to place by our largest fire ring.  We needed good storage in this location and found a great deal on this premade ditty.

It was delivered on Friday, by the cutest Mennonite couple.  Adorable they were.
So adorable I found out later I may, just may... have been a tiny bit, tad, itsy wittle, distracted.

As the gentleman maneuvered this beast of a shed back and forth at my suggestion... tilting it as I suggested, pivoting just as I asked it to be... his patience was most generous and forgiving.
Finally I gave the thumbs up and he went about leveling and officially unloading it.

Meanwhile, his adorable wife and I just chatted it up.  I found out that her cutey husband was one of 14 children, he being the 14th... precious!  They are newlyweds of only 10months... precious!
I mean, the whole experience was just enjoyable.  Perhaps too enjoyable.

All the while I was making this dear man move the shed a little to the left.... a little to the right..... now back an eeensy bit back to the left.... nope, to the right.

I seriously never walked around to the bloomin' side and made sure that it was back far enough.
In fact, they left the farm, cruising on to their next delivery, before Shawn and I drove to the house and took a glance back to the shed and realized....
The bloomin' shed is smack dab dumped in the middle of the field.

It is the 'Wizard of Oz' shed.  Looks like it fell out of the sky and landed in the middle of our front pasture.
See the line of trees to the back of the shed.  It is supposed to be nestled up against those trees... like it has always been there.  I have visions of staining it a weathered gray color and vines up the side... quaint little shed in the woods.  NOT shed plopped in the middle of no man's land.

So we called cutey patootey couple to tell them of our mistake.  Dear sweet 14th child of amazing parents wanted to ring our necks, of course he was cordial, afterall we took ALL the blame... but he was so exhausted after the placement, only to be told we needed it moved.  So, in the end they will come out as soon as they can to fix OUR mistake and it will cost us for the error, grumble.

Now on to case in point #2:
Remember my joy at finally getting our new shutters?

Aren't they just beautiful?
Well, upon closer inspection... there is a paint flaw.

So the installer came and took all my pretties away.
I have naked windows again.

The little dangling hooks are so very sad, wouldn't you say?
The shutters are now at the warehouse being repainted.

And I won't even mention an episode involving Shawn, his truck in reverse, and a 4 wheeler in the driveway minding its own business... when.... caaaapow!

Happy to say:
We had a beautiful Easter eve with family and friends, a birthday boy named Noah, party, Easter egg hunt, all day outside in gorgeous weather.
And Easter Sunday took my breath away.
To gather and listen to the Prophet and Apostles share their love and knowledge of the Savior was amazing.

So here I am on Monday....missing my shutters, can't stop looking at the enormous (it is growing by the second) shed in the middle of our pasture, wondering what I will have to do to get hubby to dig in 3 trees that I promised him I wouldn't buy... but beyond blessed :)!


danakat said...

Seriously one of the most precious posts I've ever read. You, my friend, are priceless!

My folks have a Mennonite barn and it is AMAZING!!! You are so going to love your big ole shed plopped smack dab in the middle of your field. :)

Mike and Carrie said...

Ahhh, farm life. I love it! You've inspired me to actually spend some time outside plantin'

Charity said...

I agree that the dangling hooks look so sad without their counterparts. Hopefully they will be reunited soon.

karen said...

I am sorry to say I am kind of laughing over the shed. I am glad to know I am not the only one that loses my mind. Also if you hubby won't do the trees I here you have a handy teenage boy around those parts. :)

MrsMama said...

Ooo, your new trees are beautiful! How could you *not* have brought them home?

Love the shed. It looks fine where it is to me but then again, I DO live in Kansas. ;)

Beth said...

LOL! I can relate!! I lost my mind a few weeks back when we got a new front door that took 4 hours to install, level, etc etc. I just happily chatted the guy up for hours...never checking to make sure it was the RIGHT door. Jarom was not happy with paying the guy another 4 hours of labor to put in the right door.... :/

Debbie said...

I LOOOOVE the trees! Shawn COULDN'T be mad after seeing those beautiful things! and the little Mennonite shed is too cute!

kg said...

What a week! But I must say it is all coming together so nicely...Should I wait until the shed is moved and shutters are back on to come out? :)

Anonymous said...