Wednesday, April 14

Bloomin' Heaven

I have 3 Bridal Wreath Spirea planted near the entrance of our farm.
This is the first year they have bloomed fully.  In fact, I always thought they needed part shade and recently found out otherwise, so that is probably while the blooms have been less than stellar.
I plan on leaving one bush where it is now, happy in mostly sun... and then move the other two (sounds like a job for my oldest son) to a sunnier location.

Shawn and I ran away again a few weekends ago to Atlanta.
I made sure to pop into the IKEA there and found this adorable enamelware pitcher.
They had it in two sizes, this being the largest.  Truth be told, if hubby hadn't of been with me on that shopping trip I would have picked up several... maybe even MANY!

I also picked up these 5 cutey vases for .99 each and their different textures make me smile!

Have you seen these cute plant markers over at
Several vendors make them but I love the rustic style found here.
I wanted to grow a few herbs on my kitchen window this year as I wasn't so good at trekking to the barn garden last summer for my fresh herbs... dill, parsley, chives, & cilantro... oh my yum!

To end this beautiful blooms and containers post....

I missed church last Sunday due to a massive backache from over doing it planting on Saturday.
I never pace myself... and really paid the price this time.

When the kids came home from church I was still sleeping.
Ty snuck in and placed this bloom on my nightstand.

Please note the cuteness of the presentation.
Chosen vase (cause we are fancy folks) is a plastic water bottle.
Attached is a blue post-it with the following note:

"i got this from church  i though you mite like it
i hope you have a great Sunday
Your welcome mommy Love you

love TY"


kg said...

I've been wanting to get some of those stamped spoons! Your flowers look lovely in your home...sigh...

Anonymous said...

Those markers are awesome! Love the blooms and that cute note! It is nice to have kids for keepers.

Lisha said...

Love the spoons, LOVE the spirea, I've been trying to come up with a spot for them for a few years now... And the note from Ty, priceless. "Your welcome." :)

2 Teach The Teacher said...

How sweet was that for TY to give you such a pretty gift??

I love the plant markers from etsy...I'll have to check them out!!

Anonymous said...

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Debbie said...

LOVE it all! Love the spirea and love the vases! Ty is such a sweet little boy!