Thursday, April 8

delayed gratification

In the fall, I love browsing Tulip catalogs and choosing the next Springs bulbs

Last fall, I was in a pale pink mood.
I am always drawn to white blooms but pale pinks sneak in on occasion.

This tulip is called Angelique.
It is such a delicate pink.  
I rarely am drawn to a multiple bloom tulip but the ruffles and color spoke to me.

These are my forever favorites String of Pearls.
They have very long stems, perfect for cutting and bringing inside.  They bloom very early, even beating most daffodils.

These are called Spring Green.
I love how the outside petals have the stripes of green.

Can't remember the name of these shorties... they are seriously only 6-7" tall, so little and cute.

I plant tulip bulbs each year at the entrance of our farm.  I hope to have quite a mass accumulated there in the next few years.
Savannah is my very practical child.  She is perplexed by my love of tulips in that I plant them and have to wait so long for the reward.  And even once they bloom, the 'show' is shortlived.
Funny thing is, those are the very reasons I enjoy them so...
never given the chance to tire of them, the excitement of the wait.


karen said...

I remember you red ones at your old place. I have to say I enjoyed seeing the pale ones too. You are so good in planting them every year.

Charity said...

I love the pale beautiful!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

They are all such gorgeous photos!I love the Angelique tulip. I planted it many years and it is a favorite of mine. I must say I struggle with the delayed gratification part of bulb planting. If I'm ever very rich I want someone else to plant them for me. :)