Friday, October 3

Severe withdrawal...

Our computer is down... not able to post photos, so very weak from the need to post photos, cough, wheeze, sputter!!

I have upcoming photos of the 2 sick little donkeys we adopted... Black Bart is thriving... Jenne is hanging in there, I still have faith she will be a blonde bombshell someday.

I have updates on Savannah's Ball... she came home exhausted! They ate, they danced, they female bonded... and all around partAYED!!! Did I mentione that all the brothers of the sisters attending the Ball, ran away and did some male bonding of their own. Ty and Christian joined the 'fellas' in the macho festivities and we had 3 happy children return home after 10pm. Yep, a late night, but knowing they were well taken care of, Shawn and I didn't miss 'em a bit. Did I just say that?!? Well, truthfull, I missed them a bit, and was glad to see them return and here all about the wonderful evening they all had. I just love wonderful neighbors, don't you?!

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Beth said...

I love good neighbors too! My neighbor across the street has shared bags of her homegrown tomatoes all summer...yum!